Friday, September 24, 2010

You're A BUM!!!! (Rocky quote)

I HAVE been a bum! Well, not a lazy bum haha...

I have been so busy!!! How are you all? I'm sorry I haven't posted for awhile. It's been hectic and I've been getting up early and going to bed early to get my walking in! I have done over 10 miles this week of extra walking!!! And a bit of jogging in-between :D

I'm really proud of myself in that area! It seems like exercise is something I can handle and actually do on a day to day basis. Eating on the other hand...will be my ongoing lot in life. It's so hard to stay healthy when I have NO money to spend on expensive healthy foods!!!!

That is one of my biggest pet peeves that I will argue about all my life unless it changes in the near future, which, it won't. I can't STAND the fact that I can buy a double cheeseburger at McD's for a dollar and a freggin' salad costs me $5!!!!! What on earth is this world coming to? I think it's all a conspiracy to kill us fat, food loving people off the planet and the thin ones will take over the world...I dunno, it's just my theory.

So things have been good though! I have been keeping in touch with Anand through skype which is SO fun :D And, I have been busy at school with all my art classes, drawing on paper (int. drawing), drawing on the computer (painter), making my face into an Avatar (photoshop), and replicating candy bar wrappers (Illustrator). It all seems like busy work but I really am loving all the practice time I get in for my future career as Professional Graphic Designer! maybe...still not quite SURE.

So, just for contemplation's sake... as you know I have been walking and jogging around 3 miles everyday this week. I have come to realize that I have a bad habit of self demoralizing. Yeah, demoralizing IS actually the perfect word for what I've been doing. At the end of my walk (which is btw full of confidence, motivation, and determination), I find that I imagine people drive by and think to themselves, "Look at that fat girl running". Now, most people I know "don't think" I'm fat...ok and I guess I "don't think" so either. But it DOES pop into my head sometimes. And I know I DO need to lose weight. That's why earlier I said eating healthy seems to be the hardest thing for me...I can exercise but it's so hard to eat right.

I need a confidence boosting and relatable amount of encouragement...anybody have some for me?

Thnx for reading...


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