Monday, January 31, 2011

Ok I'm a slacker. But WAIT.

It's official. I officially skipped like 3-4 days of p90x. I am SORRY but I am extremely tired! On sat, sun, and mon, I get up at 5:30am to work at 7am-7pm and then on sunday I had to work my second job so it was an 16 hour day!!! I just needed to rest. Hopefully I'll be back up and running soon.

I got a special box in today! A box filled with Jay Robb's special all natural whey protein! Anybody try this yet? I'm super excited because it goes with this fruit flush diet of his that I am going to start on saturday when I work my long 12 hour day. It'll be perfect! Now, I know this is kind of drastic to do a flush like this...but it boasts of a 3-9 pound weight loss in 3 day! I'm hoping for between 5-9!!! haha.
This is what the fruit flush looks like:

Day 1: 5 servings of whey protein every 2 hours then a veggie salad as your last meal (water all day)

Day 2-3: 1 serving of fresh fruit every 2 hours then a veggie salad as last meal (water all day)

So, pretty simple...I can do this once a week for 12 weeks if I'd like to get down to my goal weight. Now, the only problem with doing this so often is the expense. I bought a 12 oz. bag of this special protein and it cost me $23 and some change. The biggest box they have is like, seriously, $137!!!! Let's just see if one of these here fruit flushes works first and THEN maybe I'll think about forkin over some big bucks in exchange for some weight loss haha.

So, like I said, I know it sounds drastic and kind of unhealthy to some of you...but I have researched it and you know my mom is a nutrition FREAK. So, I have had her approval and I love and trust my momma. :D

Wish me luck all ya'll!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Better late than never. Right?

I know I haven't blogged in awhile... so forgive me.

But just wanted you all to know that my p90x is going well! I felt soooo strong on my second bout of yogaX!!! I did miss the second time around of shoulders/arms. I was being lazy but then I mentally slapped myself and pulled it back together the next day.

The only frustrating thing about all this, and it's not even the program, is myself. I have the hardest time staying healthy. Why is it so hard to control my mind and what I decide to put in my mouth and swallow?!!!

Other than that...2 more weeks till phase 1 is over! and plus, I feel stronger and I think my boobs are shrinking. That's the first sign of weight loss hahahaaaa...


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ok guys! Sorry for the delay in blogs...

I did it! Finished one week of P90x! I am on day 1 of week two today. :D

I had planned on doing the stretch dvd yesterday but, I was really busy all day since I worked and had plans with the boyfriend. So today is back to chest and back and I really hope I can get my lazy butt up and do it pretty soon! The weather here in CA where I live is really grey and blah right now and I feel like going back to bed. :/

So don't worry folks I've been doing it! And I'm feeling great! Checked the scale today. It pissed me off. BUT I feel smaller and tighter :D That's what counts!


Thursday, January 13, 2011

Day 2 of P90X

Day number two of P90x :D

Why am I smiling you say? Why am I smiling even though I am in physical pain? haha

well, it's because I know what is happening to my body. The pain that I feel equals gain. My muscles on my chest/back were ripped up and now they are healing back together with each night that I sleep. I am proud of what I am doing no matter how hard.

Yesterday was like I said above, the chest and back DVD. It was intense, full of push-ups and pull ups (I used resistance bands). Also some dumbbell work. I pushed myself really hard, but I also expected it to be a lot harder. Maybe because of all of the review I read about it being the toughest thing ever. I was actually worried at the end of the workout that I must have not done a good job because it didn't seem that hard. Oh, but it will be. Once I start doing actual guy push-ups and not girl push-ups it'll be so much easier! And obviously because I'm hurting today, it goes to show that I did do a good job yesterday.

As of today, I did day number two Plyometrics. This workout consisted of squat, lunge, and jump exercises.
That has never happened to me in a workout before. Maybe I was trying really hard!!!

I know I told you guys my long term goals...and I refuse to stop imagining myself in a bikini out in the sun on the river THIS SUMMER. It's one of the things that keeps me going and working so hard. I think tomorrow is shoulders and arms so, I really hope that I can keep up with my sore upper body.

I'll get back atcha tomorrow guys...much peace, love, and lunges.

Felt kinda Frisky! (1/12/11)

So, I really wanted to get started on p90x today. So I did :D

I’m super excited and totally motivated at this point. Although, I did take my before pictures and I about wanted to cry. Looking at myself in the camera was just a little too much for me. I mean, I knew I was heavier than I liked, but thinking about what everyone else including my BOYFRIEND saw was humiliating. I don’t want to screw up my body anymore. Something has got to change. So I did my p90x first day! I started off with the Classic program (offers the Lean as well) and got to working on my chest and back as well as the Ab RipperX.

My impression of it was this…wow! Great workout! I was really nervous it was going to be super hard. Well, I don’t think it was as hard as it could have been for me because I really toned it down a lot. I didn’t want to hurt myself on the first day! But after the first week I am really going to BRING IT because I want those dang results!!! I think that people also just say OMG IT”S SO HARD because they mean, “It’s difficult to even do them move, let alone do 5 of them”. Military pushups, diamond pushups and dive-bombers are new things to me. I have never done them in a workout before so obviously I will only be able to do the modified ones, which I did. If I can ever get fit enough to do a regular guy pushup then heck yeah I’m gonna rock those ones too! But like I said, the most difficult part of it for me was being able to even get my body to do 4-5 of each pushup style.

Ab RipperX was also the same sort of thing for me. I definitely felt like it wasn’t as hard as everyone said it was. I think that maybe it’s because I stopped in the middle of each 25 rep move. Well, then DUH Sam, it’s not going to be that hard because you didn’t do the whole thing! So, that means that I’m gonna have to push it like CRAY-ZAY next time.

In the end, my arms feel like rubber, and that was probably the greatest pain from my workout so far today. I’ll let ya guys in on how I feel tomorrow, it could totally be a different story….

P.S. This post was supposed to be posted yesterday but since is down, I had a hard time getting it in. Sorry guys!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

It came today!!!

My box came today with my P90X in it!!!! YAY!

I've spent a lot of this last week obsessing about it, thinking, talking, and wondering about it. I am very determined as well as really nervous about it. I want/hope to start tomorrow and I really will try to blog as much as I can during the week to tell you guys how I am and how I'm doing. I also hope you guys will encourage me to do my best and "Bring it!" every single day.

My short term goal is to finish this first week. My next goal would be obviously to finish the second week and the first 30 days. I really struggle a lot with nutrition...the plan that they offer is really detailed and strict. This is obviously a good thing. So tomorrow I plan on going to the store and buying some groceries for the week. I don't think it will be much harder to follow this plan than it was for me to follow my other healthy eating habits. Habits which I often fail to do. I really hope that I don't mess up when it comes to the eating part. I know that the way I look at the end of 30 days is really going to be based a lot on how I eat.

So that being said, I think I'll do my before pictures tomorrow too because I am TOO impatient to wait another day!!! I won't waste tomorrow! Might as well start you know?! So, wish me luck, pray for me lots, and keep checking in to see how it's going!


Friday, January 7, 2011

Goals for P90X :D

Ugh, you see my dumb smiley emoticon now, but you probably won't after week 1 of P90X haha

So here are my goals for this week peeps. I plan on having my mom (bless her soul) take my before pictures and measurements so we can have something to go off of when I get done with the program.

Interjection- I am going to need SO much encouragement during these next 90 days guys. I mean seriously...I am so freaked out about all of this. I am SO scared I am totally going to fail. I know that's NOT a very positive attitude to have before this. I mean, I AM going to do this. I will do my stinkin' best with God's strength! But there is always that little doubt inside my head. So, please pray for me and encourage me as much as you can!

Back to the goals: I want to keep some fruit in my bedroom. Since I spend a lot of time in there, I want to be able to have healthy options in front of me instead of having to go to the kitchen to look for food. I also want to keep working out to Jillian Michaels prior to starting P90X. I need to be PREPARED haha.

Also, I have created a long term goal. My goal is to lose either 30 lbs, 2-3 pants sizes, or just look plain ripped by the time it's hot enough to go floating on the river this summer. :D I remember discovering it this last summer and floating is my new favorite thing! I also remember how bad I felt wearing a one piece the entire time with my shorts and tank over it. I don't plan on doing that again.

wish me luck-

Thursday, January 6, 2011

I've done something completely and utterly insane...

I have ordered P90X.


kill me now, please. I did one of Jillian Michael's DVD's today to mentally prepare me for what an hour workout might feel like, and honestly, it was only 50 minutes and I almost died.

This could be really bad people. It's me, Sam. The lazy, fickle one, remember?

But here I am trying to do what's best. I have got to do something here people!!!! I need to be strong! Build endurance! Get some balls guts!!! It's time for a change. I need change. I crave change. I WILL change. I need guidance as well. Something with structure, a set time, and a set amount of days. Well, this is it I guess.

I am going to try to blog about every single day of my P90X experience. I was researching online and there aren't nearly enough "real life" blogs out there about P90X, unless the real life blogs I found were so amazingly extreme it didn't seem real and I just wrote them off as an advert...We will find out.

My main goal is this...
Last year, I discovered how amazing and fun it is to go floating on the river on a raft during the summer.
I am NOT about to go out there again in a one piece. It's time to get my bikini on!!!!! And by golly if it takes me forever I will work my butt off to look hecka hot in a bikini by the time it gets hot enough for river rafting. Yes. I will.

So please, keep your eyes and ears open for the blogs that will change it all for me. I will blog next when my package comes in the mail...I will include info about what the program entails and what I will be doing for the next 90 days. This is going to be a HUGE experience for both you and me. You, will find out the real truth about P90X and if it works or if it's hard or if it's worth your money without doing any of the work. I, will find out those same exact things doing all the hard work!!!! LOL

I'll keep ya posted guys! xoxo and wish me luck and great endurance!!! AND motivation!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

This Post is for Syl :D

Hey Syl, I actually did work out this weekend. I did yoga and stretching and pushups and abs both sunday and monday for 30 mins. I actually missed out on the first day of the month :( Hope that that I can keep it up during this week! I'll be able to make up my five days soon!