Thursday, January 6, 2011

I've done something completely and utterly insane...

I have ordered P90X.


kill me now, please. I did one of Jillian Michael's DVD's today to mentally prepare me for what an hour workout might feel like, and honestly, it was only 50 minutes and I almost died.

This could be really bad people. It's me, Sam. The lazy, fickle one, remember?

But here I am trying to do what's best. I have got to do something here people!!!! I need to be strong! Build endurance! Get some balls guts!!! It's time for a change. I need change. I crave change. I WILL change. I need guidance as well. Something with structure, a set time, and a set amount of days. Well, this is it I guess.

I am going to try to blog about every single day of my P90X experience. I was researching online and there aren't nearly enough "real life" blogs out there about P90X, unless the real life blogs I found were so amazingly extreme it didn't seem real and I just wrote them off as an advert...We will find out.

My main goal is this...
Last year, I discovered how amazing and fun it is to go floating on the river on a raft during the summer.
I am NOT about to go out there again in a one piece. It's time to get my bikini on!!!!! And by golly if it takes me forever I will work my butt off to look hecka hot in a bikini by the time it gets hot enough for river rafting. Yes. I will.

So please, keep your eyes and ears open for the blogs that will change it all for me. I will blog next when my package comes in the mail...I will include info about what the program entails and what I will be doing for the next 90 days. This is going to be a HUGE experience for both you and me. You, will find out the real truth about P90X and if it works or if it's hard or if it's worth your money without doing any of the work. I, will find out those same exact things doing all the hard work!!!! LOL

I'll keep ya posted guys! xoxo and wish me luck and great endurance!!! AND motivation!


  1. p90x is a killer but I love the plyometrics! Good luck, you'll do great!
    My hubby and I did it last year and it got me in tip top shape for my half marathon.

  2. Oy. Good luck girly. I've heard that video set is amazingly difficult but totally worth it. Stick with it and you'll see the results your working for. Have fun ;o)

  3. Well thanks guys! difficult it may be, but I am so determined!

  4. HI - just stumbled upon your blog and we're a real life blog!! we are on day 12 of the P90 - follow us! we'll follow you and def offer encouragement and support. our first word of advice - it is challenging but just do what you can and try to stay on schedule! Good luck!

    sef (of sef and sariah)