Thursday, March 8, 2012

Day Three of the Cleanse

Well, I am finishing off day three. I feel really good considering I haven't ever gone to day three before. At least not that I can remember. I've done two days all fruits and veggie salad with light protein (which is what I'm doing now), but now I can say I've gone for three days!

The day and evening before I decided to cleanse, I ate a ton of crap and just loaded my body down. I felt stupid for doing it, but every now and then a girl has got to have a girls night with her best friend. So, I decided it would be the perfect time to just buckle down and do it!

Since I ate all that crap like I said, I didn't expect much of a weight loss on the first day. I had only lost 0.2 of a pound. I ignored that haha. Then this morning I lost a litttttttle bit more and weighed 162.8. Even though that is less than a pound, I was happy because I haven't seen 162 in YEARS! So tomorrow I am hoping and PRAYING that I lose at least a full pound. I would be ecstatic to see two.

It is difficult to eat so healthy on a long school day. But I prepared correctly thank goodness and had baggies of fresh fruit to bring with me. I pretty much ate fruit all day long haha. I hope that it didn't make too big of a difference that I ate it when I was hungry rather than eating the "every 2 hours" guideline that I am following.

I feel lighter and my pants are falling off. That's a good sign though right?! haha. My boyfriend was walking with me today when he bumped into a guy that he knew and after chatting with him for a minute proceeded to tell me this guy was "checking me out". I know it's silly but it was extremely flattering. WHO CARES that this dude was probably 40. LOL. And then, I bumped into someone I knew and he told me that it looked like I've lost a lot of weight! This day was SUCH a boost for my confidence! It was so encouraging to see that the hard HARD work I've been doing is paying off.

When people notice you, it's very addictive. I am trying to be humble, but I mean who doesn't want to get more compliments?!

Aside from that, my day was rather uneventful. So, kisses and goodnight all!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Wow, hi again!

I thought I'd stop in and say a hello to you all!

As I sit here in my bed, surfing the net, I'm also looking through a book on my nook called Power Foods from the editors of Whole Living magazine which is a Martha Stewart spin off I think. I'm excited to see what yummy healthy things this book has in store for me!

I just got my nook a couple of weeks ago for my birthday and let me tell you...ADDICTED! Loving this thing so much. I am a huge magazine junkie and the prices I was paying were awful compared to the lovely cheap prices I'll be paying for monthly subscriptions. Thank God for electronics! I am currently reading Women's Health and Self

So I've been training for a 5k since January. Not necessarily a particular 5k, just the 5k distance in general. I finally got to the last workout on Sunday. I did the whole thing! I jogged for 30 minutes straight without stopping. The last few minutes were difficult, but jogging is now so much easier and enjoyable than it used to be! I had my birthday a couple of weekends ago, and I splurged on a few Nike shirts and some accessories for my iPhone to run with. I try to tell everyone that when it comes to motivation, nothing helps like new EXERCISE CLOTHES!

No joke, when my boyfriend finally decided to splurge on those pricey running shoes, he wanted it more than ever lol. So anyway, I am up to the 30 minute mark and I sure am proud of myself. I have been planning for the last month to run in my community's annual "Dala Horse Trot" during the Swedish Festival the town throws every year. They offer a 10k and 2 miles this year in place of the 5k which I suppose is a bummer since I trained for it, but I think now I'll just focus on upping my times for the 2 miles. :D

There are a pair of shoes I'm thinking about rewarding myself with once the race is complete. Nike's new Lunar Glide+ 3's are SO CUTE and SO COMFY! I had the opportunity to try them on at the Nike Factory Store when I was at the coast. If you ever have a chance to go there, please. GO. Almost everything is on sale and cheaper than in a regular Nike store or online. It's to DIE for! Anyway, the colors I want are so bright and exciting! Here they are:
UGH aren't they BEAUTIFUL?!! 

And I've been doing a little bit of a fruit/veggie cleanse (exception being coffee) for the next couple of days. I started it today and it was getting really tough... But I usually allow myself a nice veggie salad with light protein at the end of the evening. So I actually had a very, VERY picky Chipotle bowl haha. I'm just trying to stay clean and light. I feel better when I am actively working on my body. 

With all the running, spinning, and strength training I'm trying to do, the weight should keep coming off if I just stick to a healthy eating lifestyle as well. 

Ok guys, I'm tired. 

Saturday, March 3, 2012

For those of you still listening...

I almost forgot I had this blog on here! You all know I've tried and failed with blogging many a time, but I always seem to come back. But just so you all know, I got on here and checked out the last few posts I wrote. They were, as I guessed, from 2011, right around the time I started to care about my body.

And mean, actually care. You can see, or at least I can remember, the struggle it was for me to feel love for my body and myself. I remember how difficult it was because, two posts ago, I paid for P90X and couldn't do it past two weeks. I remember my boyfriend telling me, "Stop saying you're fat!" (He hated that...he thought I was beautiful, and perhaps he was right).

He then went on to add, that if I really thought I was fat, then I should be putting the $160 dollars worth of exercise DVD's to use. He wasn't being rude or putting me down. He was just stating the truth. And he was saying it in LOVE.

Gosh, I remember the impact that had on me. First of all, it made me MAD. LOL how do you like that?! It made me MMMMAAAADDDD!!!!! Why did it do that?! Well, probably because he was right. And it pissed me off knowing that he was right ;) Then it really hit me. This was pathetic behavior. I couldn't believe my lack of self control. I remember crying in the shower, just begging God, please...please Lord help me! HELP ME!!!! I needed His hand on all of my attempts!

I also gave Him a list. Yes, people. I gave the Almighty a list. I told Him, you know what? I need a partner. There is NO one around here who I know that wants to be healthy and exercise with me. My family isn't interested, my boyfriend isn't interested, and my best friend lives far away. I also told Him that I needed to start eating healthy but that I didn't know how to get rid of all the cravings and temptations. I may have even mentioned a gym membership in that list. But most of all I just remember wanting to be loved. Not just by Him, because I KNEW that He loved me.

I wanted ME to love me.

I love Happy Endings... don't you? Well this is even better! It has turned into a Happy Beginning for me. In April of last year, after my failed p90x attempt amongst many others to turn my lifestyle around, God blessed me yet again. My neighbor enlisted me as a gym partner. She asked that I watch her kids once a month, and she would PAY for my gym membership. Free? Yes, that membership seems like a gift because I love those kids that it doesn't feel like work. And my best friend and I joined My Fitness Pal in which we could encourage each other to keep eating healthy and working out. She lived about 4 hours away, but she still stuck it out with me. That kind of support is priceless. God is good.

Then somehow, I was able to eat healthy! I kept praying and trusting the Lord, and you know what?! He did this WITH me! I didn't think about dinner while I was eating lunch anymore. I didn't crave fast food. I stopped being so hungry all the time. I ate SO healthy. The healthiest I think I've ever eaten in my life. And then, I got happy. God showed me by learning about HIS love, how to slowly start loving myself. And I do! I love me!

Guys, I had a little bump around the holidays, but I've been back since January.

I've lost 21 pounds since last year, and I am SO never going back to who I was. I thank God so much for His blessings and presence in my life! I would have never been able to do this on my own...let me tell you. Without Jesus guiding my every bite and step, I wouldn't be here right now. I've started running and practicing for the 5k. I am almost there! I also plan on running in our community's 2 mile race this summer. My boyfriend has become inspired to start running with me! This is a feat in and of itself! He also doesn't eat fast food as much as he used to. I am so proud of how far I've come, but like I said, the credit goes to Jesus. I will continue to enlist His help in everything I do. I hope you come to know Him and all the love He has for you. I also hope you will see His touch on your life and see all the amazing things that can happen when you let Him in!!!
xoxo until next time...

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Getting bored with Life.

This is a problem you know....

For the last two years I've been the positive one. Always encouraging, hoping, and looking forward. Something is is making me tired. It might be work. It might be lack of sleep. It might even be my impatience with seeing no signs of weight loss.

Whatever it is, I'm getting anxious. I need something new. I need to breath. I'm feeling stiffled. What is it?! Why is this happening now? I'm going to be 23 in 17 days... Am I getting old? Tired of waiting for my life to start? Waiting for answers I'll only find through experience? I'm nervous that there's something wrong with me....Watching Sex and the City reruns because their lives seem so much more exciting than mine.

Maybe it's this smallish little town I live in. I need hustle and bustle to keep me going, but there needs to be a balance. I don't I'm just typing to be doing something.
Forgive me.


Monday, January 31, 2011

Ok I'm a slacker. But WAIT.

It's official. I officially skipped like 3-4 days of p90x. I am SORRY but I am extremely tired! On sat, sun, and mon, I get up at 5:30am to work at 7am-7pm and then on sunday I had to work my second job so it was an 16 hour day!!! I just needed to rest. Hopefully I'll be back up and running soon.

I got a special box in today! A box filled with Jay Robb's special all natural whey protein! Anybody try this yet? I'm super excited because it goes with this fruit flush diet of his that I am going to start on saturday when I work my long 12 hour day. It'll be perfect! Now, I know this is kind of drastic to do a flush like this...but it boasts of a 3-9 pound weight loss in 3 day! I'm hoping for between 5-9!!! haha.
This is what the fruit flush looks like:

Day 1: 5 servings of whey protein every 2 hours then a veggie salad as your last meal (water all day)

Day 2-3: 1 serving of fresh fruit every 2 hours then a veggie salad as last meal (water all day)

So, pretty simple...I can do this once a week for 12 weeks if I'd like to get down to my goal weight. Now, the only problem with doing this so often is the expense. I bought a 12 oz. bag of this special protein and it cost me $23 and some change. The biggest box they have is like, seriously, $137!!!! Let's just see if one of these here fruit flushes works first and THEN maybe I'll think about forkin over some big bucks in exchange for some weight loss haha.

So, like I said, I know it sounds drastic and kind of unhealthy to some of you...but I have researched it and you know my mom is a nutrition FREAK. So, I have had her approval and I love and trust my momma. :D

Wish me luck all ya'll!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Better late than never. Right?

I know I haven't blogged in awhile... so forgive me.

But just wanted you all to know that my p90x is going well! I felt soooo strong on my second bout of yogaX!!! I did miss the second time around of shoulders/arms. I was being lazy but then I mentally slapped myself and pulled it back together the next day.

The only frustrating thing about all this, and it's not even the program, is myself. I have the hardest time staying healthy. Why is it so hard to control my mind and what I decide to put in my mouth and swallow?!!!

Other than that...2 more weeks till phase 1 is over! and plus, I feel stronger and I think my boobs are shrinking. That's the first sign of weight loss hahahaaaa...


Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Ok guys! Sorry for the delay in blogs...

I did it! Finished one week of P90x! I am on day 1 of week two today. :D

I had planned on doing the stretch dvd yesterday but, I was really busy all day since I worked and had plans with the boyfriend. So today is back to chest and back and I really hope I can get my lazy butt up and do it pretty soon! The weather here in CA where I live is really grey and blah right now and I feel like going back to bed. :/

So don't worry folks I've been doing it! And I'm feeling great! Checked the scale today. It pissed me off. BUT I feel smaller and tighter :D That's what counts!