Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Better late than never. Right?

I know I haven't blogged in awhile... so forgive me.

But just wanted you all to know that my p90x is going well! I felt soooo strong on my second bout of yogaX!!! I did miss the second time around of shoulders/arms. I was being lazy but then I mentally slapped myself and pulled it back together the next day.

The only frustrating thing about all this, and it's not even the program, is myself. I have the hardest time staying healthy. Why is it so hard to control my mind and what I decide to put in my mouth and swallow?!!!

Other than that...2 more weeks till phase 1 is over! and plus, I feel stronger and I think my boobs are shrinking. That's the first sign of weight loss hahahaaaa...



  1. Oy. I always lose it in my boobs first, too ;o) Keep it up girly - you're rocking it!

  2. Thnx Missy!!!! I'm still trying to stay strong! it's tough tho!