Thursday, January 13, 2011

Day 2 of P90X

Day number two of P90x :D

Why am I smiling you say? Why am I smiling even though I am in physical pain? haha

well, it's because I know what is happening to my body. The pain that I feel equals gain. My muscles on my chest/back were ripped up and now they are healing back together with each night that I sleep. I am proud of what I am doing no matter how hard.

Yesterday was like I said above, the chest and back DVD. It was intense, full of push-ups and pull ups (I used resistance bands). Also some dumbbell work. I pushed myself really hard, but I also expected it to be a lot harder. Maybe because of all of the review I read about it being the toughest thing ever. I was actually worried at the end of the workout that I must have not done a good job because it didn't seem that hard. Oh, but it will be. Once I start doing actual guy push-ups and not girl push-ups it'll be so much easier! And obviously because I'm hurting today, it goes to show that I did do a good job yesterday.

As of today, I did day number two Plyometrics. This workout consisted of squat, lunge, and jump exercises.
That has never happened to me in a workout before. Maybe I was trying really hard!!!

I know I told you guys my long term goals...and I refuse to stop imagining myself in a bikini out in the sun on the river THIS SUMMER. It's one of the things that keeps me going and working so hard. I think tomorrow is shoulders and arms so, I really hope that I can keep up with my sore upper body.

I'll get back atcha tomorrow guys...much peace, love, and lunges.

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