Monday, January 31, 2011

Ok I'm a slacker. But WAIT.

It's official. I officially skipped like 3-4 days of p90x. I am SORRY but I am extremely tired! On sat, sun, and mon, I get up at 5:30am to work at 7am-7pm and then on sunday I had to work my second job so it was an 16 hour day!!! I just needed to rest. Hopefully I'll be back up and running soon.

I got a special box in today! A box filled with Jay Robb's special all natural whey protein! Anybody try this yet? I'm super excited because it goes with this fruit flush diet of his that I am going to start on saturday when I work my long 12 hour day. It'll be perfect! Now, I know this is kind of drastic to do a flush like this...but it boasts of a 3-9 pound weight loss in 3 day! I'm hoping for between 5-9!!! haha.
This is what the fruit flush looks like:

Day 1: 5 servings of whey protein every 2 hours then a veggie salad as your last meal (water all day)

Day 2-3: 1 serving of fresh fruit every 2 hours then a veggie salad as last meal (water all day)

So, pretty simple...I can do this once a week for 12 weeks if I'd like to get down to my goal weight. Now, the only problem with doing this so often is the expense. I bought a 12 oz. bag of this special protein and it cost me $23 and some change. The biggest box they have is like, seriously, $137!!!! Let's just see if one of these here fruit flushes works first and THEN maybe I'll think about forkin over some big bucks in exchange for some weight loss haha.

So, like I said, I know it sounds drastic and kind of unhealthy to some of you...but I have researched it and you know my mom is a nutrition FREAK. So, I have had her approval and I love and trust my momma. :D

Wish me luck all ya'll!

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  1. careful with the working out in addition to the diet. if you do any p90x during those days i suggest maybe something like like yogax or cardiox

    good luck and let us know the results!

    -sefa (of sef & sariah)