Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Wow, hi again!

I thought I'd stop in and say a hello to you all!

As I sit here in my bed, surfing the net, I'm also looking through a book on my nook called Power Foods from the editors of Whole Living magazine which is a Martha Stewart spin off I think. I'm excited to see what yummy healthy things this book has in store for me!

I just got my nook a couple of weeks ago for my birthday and let me tell you...ADDICTED! Loving this thing so much. I am a huge magazine junkie and the prices I was paying were awful compared to the lovely cheap prices I'll be paying for monthly subscriptions. Thank God for electronics! I am currently reading Women's Health and Self

So I've been training for a 5k since January. Not necessarily a particular 5k, just the 5k distance in general. I finally got to the last workout on Sunday. I did the whole thing! I jogged for 30 minutes straight without stopping. The last few minutes were difficult, but jogging is now so much easier and enjoyable than it used to be! I had my birthday a couple of weekends ago, and I splurged on a few Nike shirts and some accessories for my iPhone to run with. I try to tell everyone that when it comes to motivation, nothing helps like new EXERCISE CLOTHES!

No joke, when my boyfriend finally decided to splurge on those pricey running shoes, he wanted it more than ever lol. So anyway, I am up to the 30 minute mark and I sure am proud of myself. I have been planning for the last month to run in my community's annual "Dala Horse Trot" during the Swedish Festival the town throws every year. They offer a 10k and 2 miles this year in place of the 5k which I suppose is a bummer since I trained for it, but I think now I'll just focus on upping my times for the 2 miles. :D

There are a pair of shoes I'm thinking about rewarding myself with once the race is complete. Nike's new Lunar Glide+ 3's are SO CUTE and SO COMFY! I had the opportunity to try them on at the Nike Factory Store when I was at the coast. If you ever have a chance to go there, please. GO. Almost everything is on sale and cheaper than in a regular Nike store or online. It's to DIE for! Anyway, the colors I want are so bright and exciting! Here they are:
UGH aren't they BEAUTIFUL?!! 

And I've been doing a little bit of a fruit/veggie cleanse (exception being coffee) for the next couple of days. I started it today and it was getting really tough... But I usually allow myself a nice veggie salad with light protein at the end of the evening. So I actually had a very, VERY picky Chipotle bowl haha. I'm just trying to stay clean and light. I feel better when I am actively working on my body. 

With all the running, spinning, and strength training I'm trying to do, the weight should keep coming off if I just stick to a healthy eating lifestyle as well. 

Ok guys, I'm tired. 

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