Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Is innnnnnnn the House!

I mean, I LOVE my family but at my age, it's starting to to grate on my nerves that I can't afford a house or apartment of my own!

It's dinner time and my mom is making some spare ribs with veggies :D I ate more crap today because I'm on such a busy schedule and I hate that it's so hard to have self control on days like this.

I had my second job interview today at Blockbuster. Although the title of my blog may give you visions of Acting, Hollywood, starlets, and lounging by the pool all day I am afraid that this is not the case. I DO live in Cali...a smaller, sad little part of it anyway. And I HAVE to work, hence the interview at BB.
I don't have any of that cool lounge-y, rich stuff here, sorry to disappoint. I go to a community college and I also work there. I needed a second part time job to afford gas for here and there.

I plan on traveling the world in my spare time once I have a career.

Don't worry, I have PLAN.

It's my last semester at the little school then off to the big school at State for me! I'm getting my AA in art and I am thinking of Graphic Design in my future. I'm hoping Blockbuster will help pave the way...

Anyway, the other day I tried to post from my iPhone and it didn't work so I'm just now getting back on here to retell all.
I walked my dog the other morning at 6:15AM!!!! That's dang early for me! And in the evening Bobby and I walked to Starbucks...not sure if this is a repeat or not...Oh, well.

So tonight is going to involve walking to Bobby's and maybe walking back. I need to MOVE!!!! Oh, and I did lunges last night and today while picking up Bear poop. (That's my dog).

Until later!

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