Sunday, September 12, 2010

Ice Skating

So tonight was the big night. Oh my goodness, I hadn't been ice skating in years!!! Not since I was 13 I think... It was so awesome!

The group consisted of my best girlfriend, my boyfriend Bobby, and my "boys" as I like to call them. This group of buddies can be found pretty much every night at our local Starbucks. :) There isn't much else to do around our rink-a-dink town of Kingsburg. So we all decided to make a big thing out of this going away party for one of our own and traveled 25 miles out of town to the big city.


Fresno, or "The No", as we like to call it holds much more interest than Kingsburg. Malls, fine restaurants, and activities (such as ice skating!) abound!!! At this, we laugh, because although these fun things exist it is still nothing compared to the ever alluring LA or New York.

So we all met up at Starbucks (where else would we meet?) and took off for "The No" and the "Gateway Ice Center".
Me in the truck on the way.
RJ, funniest buddy EVER.
The ever sexy boyfriend, Bobby. 

We all stopped on the way to eat at In-N-Out, our favorite treat when entering Fresno. More pictures happened. As did the LOUDEST experience I've EVER had at In-N-Out. 

My best friend Anand and her boyfriend Kyle.
Silly Bobby! 
I LOVED this picture of us! He's so handsome!!!

Finally we were at the skating rink.

I really thought that Bobby was going to just plain SUCK, seeing as how it was his first time. And I thought I was going to do OK. And my best friend thought she was going to just fall down a lot. :D

Well, she did. And Bobby ROCKED. And I, well...I did ok! :) It was GREAT! I got some great video footage too and once I get a chance to create one of my FAMOUS (LOL) videos I will have to post it on here!

Anand and I showing some love on the ice!
Bobby and I doing "FACE", a picture that will become quite familiar to you :D
Anand, trying to keep her balance as the boys help her stay up!
And here is the whole group!
From left to right: Bobby, Nick, Alex, Anand, Kyle, RJ, Franky, and me in the middle!

It was a great night and I had so much burning so many calories after 2 hours of ice skating!!! Plus I had done the 5 mile walk earlier that morning...So I had spent my whole day being active and it felt SO great!!! I plan on doing a lot more walking and a lot more ice skating ASAP. It is so important to me to start focusing on moving my body and I hope that this day will have given me an idea of how fun it can be! 

Thanks for reading and please come again! 
xoxo Sam

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