Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Promise Not to Promise Blog

Yeah, so..... as I type I feel as if I shouldn't even be doing this right now!

I'm up extremely late and seeing as how it happens quite often, I feel guilty! I honestly shouldn't be up right now though, because in the morning at 7:30AM, I am walking 5 miles with a bunch of women for a great cause!

It's called the 2010 Lauran Bethell Sister to Sister Walk-a-Thon. :D I was supposed to fundraise $30 for a ministry that goes out to help women living a life of prostitution. I felt like it was a great thing to help out with plus log in more "body movement time".

So I will be up at 6AM tomorrow, or TODAY, as I should probably say.

Oh, let me explain the title of this blog. And more about myself.

My name is Sam Duffy and I'm 22 years old. I DO a lot. I call myself a "Jack of All Trades, Master of None". I am interested in doing everything I can possibly fit into the rest of my life. Art, music, acting, traveling, health, school, etc.

HENCE, the title of the blog. I have to make a promise to everyone that what I write about trying to accomplish on this blog, I WON'T promise to succeed at. Right now I am focused on getting a mindset to live healthily, seeing as how that is one of my chief struggles in life. You will read about many things on this blog (remember Jack of all trades?). Yep.

So if you find anything on this blog interesting, inspiring, motivational or even just plain entertaining please, subscribe and feel free to check it out!

Much love, Sam

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