Sunday, September 19, 2010

Food Today...

So I started off pretty healthy today. I had a cup of tea before church and a cup of coffee at church.
I then made some oatmeal with cinammon and honey which I only ate half of because I accidentally DUMPED the dang cinnammon in the oatmeal and I seriously just couldn't eat it....
Then I decided I had to get my body moving on my free time no matter how hot it was! And it was hot. So Jillian and I decided to go walking/jogging. I was really happy that I made 3 miles in 45 minutes!!!! It was my record for longest with Jillian haha. I love this app! If you have an iPhone you can download this app for free! Oh, and you should follow me on twitter at @shmampayne.
Me, stretching after my walk...
This is my kitty Buddy. I just call him Cat.
For lunch I had left over crockpot roast beef, carrots, and potatoes.
Random picture of me looking happy about my day :D
Ok, so here is where it gets hard. The boyfriend gets off of work and of course he's we get the easiest, fastest, most filling thing possible. Jack In The Box. :( I know...guilty as least it was a small right? RIGHT??????

So...that was my day of food in pictures. I hope you guys make a better dinner choice than I did...I'll try to do better tomorrow!!!


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