Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Lot's Been Happenin'!!!

Hey everyone of you amazing followers you! 

How is everyone? I hope your weekend has gone well and you are ready and prepared to take on another week! Where I live, it's gonna be a hot week...yuck. It'll hit 100 for a couple of days so I'd better get my walking/jogging in early!

As the above title mentions, I have had a lot that has been going on! This past week was really busy with school and work I had a beautiful mother who's birthday was on Friday! Guess who's?! 
I baked her a chocolate cake (everything was either a mix or pre-made) and decided to have a go at fondant icing! It was super fun and although time consuming, it turned out beautifully. :)

Aside from that taking up most of my day on Friday, plus work in the evening, Saturday was a lazy day. I slept in deliciously late and focused on...well, quite literally nothing. :D I honestly can't even remember what it consisted of! Probably lounging around the house.

BUT, here is the part that has been happening. I finally watched Supersize Me. WOW. I knew how bad that fast food was for my body, but I didn't realize it was THAT bad!!! This movie put everything into perspective for me and I am so glad of that. Basically, if I continue eating fast food daily, I could "pickle" my liver just as an alcoholic does. I would be considered a fast foodaholic. I just might be well on my way to killing my liver. It could KILL me! Plus, it doesn't help that a lifestyle of fast food gains me weight. :( 

I am really happy that I watched that movie because I have learned so many things! For example...did you know that the Big Gulps at your local 7 Eleven consist of around 40 teaspoons of SUGAR?!! OMG.
This guy, Morgan Spurlock, sacrificed his body for an experiment in which he ended up consuming 30 POUNDS of sugar in the course of 30 days!!! A lot of that was through his liquid calories of milkshakes and soda...but STILL!!! He gained 24 and a half pounds in the 30 days he was doing this! 

You who haven't watched it need to find it on and watch it RIGHT NOW. It will really change your perspective on things!!! I have decided that I am going to boycott ALL fast food for the next week if not longer. The reason I chose a week to begin with is because I've been known to lag on my promises...I WANT to do amazingly, but if you're human, you know real life exists. I might be on the road and get hungry...I might not have the money to afford healthy eating...anything. Although right now I am thinkin' that starving would be better for my body compared to stuffing it full of death. 

Have a great night everybody! Good luck on being healthy and keeping your body active this week!


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