Thursday, September 16, 2010

No Worries Weekend!

My week is coming to an end. 
I can finally relax tomorrow after school is over and enjoy the other side of my hectic, crazy life. 

I saw my best friend for the last time today before she leaves for college on Saturday. :( Although it was a sad parting, I know all will go well with her for she is stronger than any other girl I know. 

Today was busy/relaxing at school if that can make any sense to you at all... It consisted of 9am-3pm art all day. First it was Photoshop and catching up, then drawing and boring critiques. I may love art but basically that means I enjoy the pleasure I receive from looking at it and creating it, not analyzing it. 

And I do love my art classes! I will post some pics on here soon of some work I've been doing in class. But, art classes at my college DO have some setbacks. My drawing class for offense against Russians, I think you guys are great! But sometimes it's hard to understand what you're saying (depending on the person...this is mostly geared towards my drawing teacher), and maybe it's hard for you to understand what I'M saying. 

Since I am in the intermediate class, she says she expects more from me. I do understand this. Obviously I won't sketch my work in a half-ass way. I put time into these things! And yet, I get graded more difficultly because I'm in the intermediate class. I have talked with her about it and out of everything she has told me I've gathered this information: She won't give me anything over a B if it's not PERFECTLY what she wants.

No doubt, I could be wrong...but then again, Russian to Sam=???

Enough of that. My last day of school for the week is tomorrow and I don't want to think about it. I want to dream about sleeping in on Saturday and lounging around the house (aside from doing laundry and cleaning etc.). My boyfriend would say "piddling" around the house. He has used that exact word probably 3-4 times today and I'm wondering, 

"If you're going to pick a word of the day in which to use excessively, 
why "piddling"???"

I would probably use something more like (lounging as the above, or) lolling. I also just looked up the word "piddling" and I'm sorry my love, but you are using it in the most incorrect way!

It's late and I must dash-
I really hope you got the humor in that last comment...

Much love XOXO Sam

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