Sunday, September 19, 2010

Ahhhh, Sunday Mornings

I'm in love with Sunday Mornings :D

These particular days consist of waking up at 7:30 am (which almost feels like sleeping in!), making some hot tea, eating/or not eating oatmeal, and heading to church with Bobby. Church makes everything ok. It re-energizes me for the rest of the week. It reminds me of the things I want to work on to better myself. It reminds me that I am loved. :)

This morning, I felt convicted about my health among other things. I know health is something that I verbally say is SO important to me... Now is the time to make it physically important to me by taking actions!!!


So, my plan today is first of all to eat something small after this post because it's 11:41am and I haven't eaten yet today. Then I want to walk the 3 or so miles around my neighborhood. Who cares if it's walking or jogging? Not me! BODY MOVEMENT. Remember?

Oh, on another note, the BFF just texted me and she's moving into her dorm room as I type. She's nervous and so am I, for her sake. She has the family with her and she's met her roommate and Anand said that she seems nice. :) I'm glad of that because if you haven't figured it out yet, I have more guy friends than girls because, well.....MEOW!!!!! Can u guess what I mean by that? Girls are catty!!!
I miss her though and it's crazy to think that I might not see her for a long time...yes she will be back for the local fair and Halloween and whatnot, but it won't be the same.

What about the times when I need a friend to talk to RIGHT NOW? I need my random Starbucks discussions with her...I will comfort myself in the fact that maybe we will grow even closer through techno communication. Text, email, letters, skype etc...

One last thing: I'm going to be keeping a "Snaplog" or picture log of what I am eating today...I'll update this post or make a new post at the end of the day so you can see if I'm being healthy or not!!!! We will see!!!!


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