Saturday, September 11, 2010

The 5 Mile "My Feet Are Hurting" Day

I woke up at exactly 6am, then proceeded to promptly press snooze on my iPhone.

I do that a lot.

So I ended up getting up at 6:10am which gave me barely any time to put my clothes and running shoes on, hair up, get a bottle of water, and make some oatmeal and tea for breakfast: all BEFORE 6:45am! If I'm delusional enough from lack of sleep and I don't realize I might possibly look like crap without doing my makeup, I am usually pretty fast in the morning.

After eating breakfast I walked a couple doors down to my neighbor's house to catch a ride to our church for the walk. I happened to catch this BEAUTIFUL sunrise on my iPhone!!!

The walk went really great!!! Here is a picture of me during the walk. My feet were really hurting a little over half way through. I have EXTREMELY flat feet and although I have special shoes and inserts, my poor little feetsies were dying! :/
(You know you like those $5 fake Ray Bans ;)   )

5 miles PLUS some to get back to the vehicles. We ended up stopping at one of the ladies' houses to have brunch :D I kinda ate half of a really yummy not so good for me muffin...there was also fruit and quiche. BUT I denied the second half!

It's been a long morning so far. I'm really tired and I'm thinkin' that after I post this I am going to head straight for my deliciously soft bed. Later on tonight I am going ice skating!!! It sounds fun, but it will also be best friend of 9 years will be leaving for college next weekend and this will be her going away get together. So hopefully pictures of that will be posted later this evening or tomorrow afternoon :D

Here is a picture of us:

Other than that I will be working on sleeping, cleaning, homework, and laundry. 

Oh joy.

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