Saturday, September 18, 2010

So tired...

How funny is it that almost all of my posts include the word tired in them?

I don't feel much like blogging today...maybe instead I'll just post some pictures later. I stayed at a couple of our friends' house last night and played 5 card poker and catch phrase :D But it was a late night and an early morning so when I got home I instantly went straight to bed.

It's my Saturday, so why not? It's been a lazy day...Oh, and about the eating healthy thing... well lately it's really hard. I'm kind of broke and out of money so I have been struggling with eating fast food. I mean, hey it's cheap right? But it's SO bad!!! If I had some more money maybe I would focus on making my own healthy dinners and plan ahead for the week but I have zero money... :(

On a good note though, Blockbuster said they are going to start my background check on Tuesday!!! So hopefully I'll get the job for sure and make some healthy food money haha.

Anyway everyone, I am lazy and I don't feel like chatting too much today. I like how pictures are worth the thousand words that I don't want to say... stay posted.


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