Friday, October 1, 2010

WOW. I Just Wanna Say...

Thanks to Syl at LIVE, SMILE, RUN!!!! I have OFFICIALLY accepted (perhaps against my better judgment of promise to not promise) her October Challenge!!!! As I have understood it, the challenge I have chosen to do consists of at LEAST 20 minutes of activity EVERY DAY OF OCTOBER!!!!

Now, usually I walk in the mornings or evenings for almost an hour. But I LIKE my Saturday and Sunday off! I know, I probably should do some sort of activity on those days...maybe I will! Especially with this new challenge! I feel obligated, motivated, determined, and ready to go! I hope you visit her blog and keep up with her progress as well as the many others who have joined in!

Oh, on another note....a bummer one for me :( This morning I was jogging and felt a shin splint coming on. My right leg to be precise. It sucks because now I have to baby it and perhaps not jog for a few days. I will only be able to walk in order to preserve my legs! I run on the road so it's really really bad for me. I could go to the track but I would still have to walk a mile to get there! I should though...haha.

This will be the third time to get shin splints if this actually keeps acting up with my right let. I gotta learn to let up once in awhile! And this is what I think of SHIN SPLINTS:

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  1. Hey Girl, to answer your question everyone just tracks their own progress, you are accountable to yourself ;-)
    I will post my progress as well as others tune in in the comments section, but it's not a competition, do the best you can when you can ;-).
    So happy to have you along!