Sunday, October 3, 2010

October Challenge Day 2!

Hey everyone! So I just had the funniest and most pathetic thing happen to me this morning....

I went outside, ready to jog. I usually put my keys up on the brick column holding up the front of our house. It's kind of high up so you can't see the top, but I can reach up there and hide my keys! I don't like running with them....well, how the heck was I supposed to know there was a partition or in other words, a dang hole further away from the edge?!!!

So, basically my keys are inside the bottom of this huge brick column and I can't get them :( Needless to say, I jogged, then had to wait for my mom to come back home and let me in! haha

So on Day 2 of the Oct. Challenge I have done over 20 minutes of activity! I ran/walked for 30 mins using the Couch to 5K app on my phone! I really bust up my legs when I push too hard, remember? So, while I was waiting for mom to let me in the house I did some bicycle crunches, and push ups :D AND LOTS OF STRETCHING! My right calf is still aching...

Anyone know what to do for a sore calf that feels like the beginning of a shin splint?!!

Anyway, so update on last night...I was pretty much tempted by EVERYTHING. I was helping a friend out with a HUGE family reunion. I got paid to have eat, chat, and clean basically! My plan was this: I would go ahead and try some of the things that looked really good as long as it was only a spoon full amount. I did that will probably 5 things. Those things made up probably one and a half servings or so. I also had a salad and some of the sausage they had! Everything was SOOOOO yummy!!! :D But here is where I was really tempted...and decided to give in...

Yep. And just like that I had SOME, not all of the chocolate cake, and all of the coconut cream pie. I really cannot say no to coconut cream pie :( 

BUT today I am back on track with everything as the above mentions. ;) I am eating healthy...see?
Much love bloggers! Have a healthy blessed day!



  1. Giving in is ok! You are back on track today! I "try" to use the 3 bite rule, take only 3 bites of a yummy dessert! However, that didn't work for me this weekend, I totally pigged out Ha!

  2. HAHA I totally understand! I seem to fail on the weekends with that too!!! :D good luck tho! I hope we both do better next weekend!